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We’ve reached a pivot point in healthcare: A call to invest in family caregivers

This week Stria, a publication covering the longevity market, published an op-ed from Seniorlink CEO Tom Riley. Riley outlines the important roles family caregivers play in our healthcare ecosystem and why payers and providers must begin engaging and supporting them. 

Via Stria:

“The government is beginning to address this demographic reality, and to recognize the value of caregivers. This year’s passage of the RAISE Caregivers Act, which obligates the U.S. Health and Human Services department to create a national strategy for supporting family caregivers, means that we have a new opportunity to create the infrastructure and develop the resources needed to give family caregivers some long-overdue recognition and support.

As business and healthcare industry leaders, we must make sure that new innovations are anchored in person-centered care and connect the role of family caregivers in the care delivery system. If we want to treat the whole person, we must understand how they live between visits to the doctor.

One thing is certain: Family caregivers will continue to fill the gaps in our healthcare system. If we follow the principle of engaging with family caregivers, future generations may look back and realize that empowering today’s caregiving workforce was the pivot point in improving outcomes and controlling the growth in our nation’s healthcare costs.”

To read the full article, click here.


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