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Seniorlink-Sponsored RAND Health Report Leads to New Research on Family Caregiving During COVID-19

RAND Health has published a new article as part of their Perspectives series: “The Coronavirus Pandemic Highlights Why Family Caregivers Need to Be Integrated Into the Health Care Team.” The new article stems from initial research, sponsored in part by Seniorlink, which was published last year. In the Perspectives piece, authors Esther Friedman, Patricia K. Tong, and Robert S. Rudin address how the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically enhanced the need for family caregivers to be integrated into professional health care teams.

The initial study titled, “A Framework for Integrating Family Caregivers Into the Care Team,” was published in November 2020. The study used input from Seniorlink and other prominent stakeholder organizations as well as industry thought leaders to identify six policy areas in which to mitigate barriers to integration. The work that informed the study was completed prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the recent Perspectives piece recasts its initial findings in light of the public health crisis.

“To reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection, homes have become the default setting for both medical care and long-term care, and family members have become frontline workers.” The article states. “However, helping family caregivers without involving the care team can only have limited benefits.”

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