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Cigna Cites Vela, Seniorlink’s Care Collaboration App, as a Tool for Improving the Health and Well-Being of Family Caregivers

Health insurer Cigna recently published an informational article citing Vela as a digital tool that improves the mental and physical well-being of caregivers. The article, Supporting the Health and Well-being of America’s Caregivers,” is published in recognition of National Family Caregivers Month, which takes place in November every year.

The global health service company has previously conducted research to assess the impacts of caregiving on employees and employers, especially in the wake of a pandemic that resulted in many taking up caregiving responsibilities for the first time. One of the greatest challenges affecting caregivers includes the difficulty of accessing resources and information. Digital tools such as Vela can make a significant impact in easing that burden.   

“The real-time aspect of digital has some big implications for streamlining how care is delivered, and how caregivers get the support they need.” Says Dr. Eric Huss, Psy.D, behavioral health total populations senior advisor at Evernorth.

As an example of “a digital resource that allows caregivers to connect with family, friends, and health professionals on care in real-time,” Dr. Huss provided Cigna’s Caregiver HelpHub, which is powered by Seniorlink’s Vela. Vela “makes it easy for caregivers and health care professionals to reach one another in a way that is fast and secure to share up-to-date health information, receive support and deliver the best care possible. The Vela app is available to caregivers on both iPhone and Android devices.”


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