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Best Senior Living Blogs: 50 Must-Read Blogs for Older Adults, Family Caregivers, and More


With advances in medicine and technology, our elders are living longer than ever. With this longer life expectancy comes great joy in passing down legacies, traditions, and memories of time gone by. More seniors are leading active, vibrant lifestyles today – long into their golden years – than ever before.

Baby boomers, for instance, who are now entering their retirement years, are now looking forward to decades of active retirement living. Active older adults will find plenty of blogs that celebrate the joys of aging, provide tips for maintaining an active lifestyle, and overcoming some of the common issues that arise throughout the golden years, such as navigating the complex healthcare system, coping with financial challenges, and more.

The Importance of Elder Care Community and Information

At the same time, as older adults are living longer, the number of older adults diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease continues to rise, and other conditions associated with aging are also on the rise. As a result, more family members – adult children, spouses, etc. – are taking on the role of family caregiver as their loved ones experience physical or cognitive decline and require assistance with activities of daily living. Family caregivers frequently turn to blogs and other online resources for the supportive community that exists in the online world. These blogs offer firsthand accounts of family caregivers’ experiences, tips for helping loved ones overcome common challenges such as swallowing difficulties, and advice for coping with the emotional ups and downs of family caregiving.

The Benefit of Senior Living Blogs

In other words, blogs are an incredible resource for today’s older generation. Whether you’re an active senior interested in connecting with fellow retirees online or reading about the adventures other retirees are embarking on, or you’re a family caregiver seeking support and guidance to aid you through your caregiving journey, there are a multitude of valuable resources readily available with a few clicks of the mouse. We’ve rounded up 50 of the best, most informative, and entertaining blogs for today’s older adults and those who care for them. Our picks are listed below, categorized by topic for easy reference.

Boomer-Focused Blogs

  1. Baby Boomer Magazine


Baby Boomer Magazine

This is an online magazine-style blog for boomers, by boomers. Topics span a variety of categories focused on every aspect of modern boomer living, including Health and Fitness, Retirement Resources, Boomer Dating, Business & Jobs, Travel & Vacations, and more. We especially like the Business & Jobs section, as it’s a nod to the fact that today’s boomers are increasingly taking charge of their financial future by embarking on new career paths, starting innovative companies, and taking on part-time jobs to keep themselves busy and engaged.

  1. Baby Boomers: News Your Way


This blog has an array of topics especially pertinent to late-life interests. You’ll find articles on retirement, healthy living, and even inspirational and motivational posts which focus on topics such as building a lasting legacy. The financial advice category is packed with useful information to help you make smarter financial decisions for this all-important stage of life.

 Baby Boomers-1

Three posts we like from Baby Boomers: News Your Way:

  1. Boomer Café


Boomer Cafe

This blog is jam-packed with relevant articles that people of any age can appreciate, but members of the baby boomer generation will be able to relate on a personal level. Boomer Café offers tips on how to stay active and healthy, enjoy travel, handle your finances in retirement, and much more. The two co-founders, Greg Dobbs and David Henderson, have a straightforward approach and seek out contributors who speak from experience to create a well-rounded and informative resource for modern boomers.

Three posts we like from Boomer Café:

  1. Graceful Aging


Graceful Aging

This blog isn’t a blog in the traditional sense, but that’s one thing we love about it – rather than written posts, Graceful Aging features videos on a variety of topics related to aging. The stories and tips on the site touch on common issues faced by the baby boomer generation, from health and wellness to the important news of the day. Graceful Aging also has a section devoted to maintaining your dignity as an older adult, a concern that many people have as they grow older.

Three posts we like from Graceful Aging:

  1. Second-Half Life Blog


Second Half of Life

This blog is owned and maintained by boomer David Solie, who has extensive knowledge on the challenges of caring for aging parents. David has published a few books and is also a speaker, and his blog is so incredibly informative that it’s clear he’s walked the walk. The articles often speak directly to fellow boomers who are navigating the challenges of caring for aging parents, but he also frequently addresses topics of interest to aging adults.

Three posts we like from Second-Half Life Blog:

  1. The Roaming Boomers Blog


The Roaming Boomers

This blog takes on a specific interest Boomers often have post-retirement: travel. David and Carol Porter had planned to spend their retirement traveling, but the market crash in 2008 hit them hard and now they’re retired with 45% less retirement funds than they planned. They’ve become travel agents and by doing this, they’ve learned plenty about traveling as older adults, and The Roaming Boomers has become their way to share the insights they’ve learned with the world.

Three posts we like from The Roaming Boomers:

  1. The Sunrise Blog


The Sunrise Blog

Sunrise Senior Living manages more than 320 senior living communities throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The company’s blog is a valuable and insightful resource featuring hundreds of articles spanning health-related concerns, diet tips and recipes, finance and planning resources, Alzheimer’s disease and memory care, and more. The blog also includes a section with articles focused on caregivers and families, as well.

Three posts we like from The Sunrise Blog:

Blogs by Care Advisors

  1. A Place for Mom Blog


A Place for Mom

A Place for Mom helps seniors and their families find the right senior living community to meet their needs. The company’s blog includes information for seniors who want to lead an active lifestyle as well as family members who are caring for an aging loved one, covering topics from financial and legal matters to health and aging, Medicare, and more.

Three posts we like from A Place For Mom:

  1. Aged Care Report Card: Hello Care Blog


Aged Care Report Card HelloCare Blog

Hello Care brings you the best information from experts and thought leaders from around the world, including both articles and video content encompassing everything from coping with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia to information for healthcare providers, family caregiver-focused stories, and more.

Three posts we like from Hello Care Blog:

  1. Aging Care Blog


Aging Care Blog “provides families with the necessary information and support to care for their parents, spouses or other elderly loved ones.” The Aging Care Blog features content from multiple contributors who share news and insights on products and services, first-hand patient perspectives, life as a caregiver, and more.

Three posts we like from Aging Care Blog:

  1. Aging Options


Aging Options

Aging Options features articles and podcasts that will help you navigate the challenges of daily life as a caregiver. Providing a straightforward approach to the legal, financial, housing, and health considerations for aging adults, Aging Options even includes a section where readers can submit questions and get insights from professionals.

Three posts we like from Aging Options:

  1. Aging Wisely


Aging Wisely

Aging Wisely will help you make the tough decisions you face when caring for an aging loved one, from senior care news to resources to help you “age wisely,” advice on having difficult conversations with an aging parent, and more.

Three posts we like from Aging Wisely:

  1. Alternatives for Seniors Blog


Alternatives for Seniors

Alternatives for Seniors offers details on thousands of senior living communities and provides a service to connect readers with a variety of resources, from geriatric care managers to senior living communities, medical supplies and equipment, and even moving services for those who are making the move to a residential community. The blog covers a wide range of topics, encompassing everything from health and safety to financial information, nursing and rehabilitation, home care and hospice, and everything in between.

Three posts we like from Alternatives for Seniors:



Care Givers

As its name suggests, is a blog for caregivers, offering advice for dealing with any issues that may arise during the caregiving journey, including detailed information on the types of care available for older adults, resources for caring for a loved one at home, such as meal delivery services, and even lighthearted topics such as dating advice for older adults.

Three posts we like from




A community of supportive individuals navigating the caregiving journey, offers insights for spouses, children, friends, and anyone who has an aging friend or loved one. Topics include articles geared toward specific caregiving roles, and any caregiver can join the site to contribute to the blog and get involved with the community to exchange tips and insights with fellow caregivers.

Three posts we like from

  1. Eldercare ABCBlog


ElderCare ABC blog

Eldercare ABC (which stands for “About Being Connected”) is a community for caregivers that’s designed and informed by caregivers. It started as a solution to the growing number of caregivers who simply didn’t know where to turn to find the resources and insights they need to embark on a successful family caregiving journey. As such, Eldercare ABC has become a comprehensive resource featuring a library of articles and resources, informative, insightful blogs posts, interviews with authors and experts, teleclasses focused on pressing topics for family caregivers, and more.

Three posts we like from Eldercare ABCBlog:

  1. Everyone is Aging Blog


Everyone is Aging-min

The Everyone is Aging blog is a part of the Retirement Living SourceBook, which provides a multitude of resources, such as searchable directories of senior living communities and home care providers. Everyone is Aging is a valuable resource for anyone interested in practical solutions to the common issues concerning seniors and their caregivers, from aging in place to housing, care management, moving and downsizing, and more.

Three posts we like from Everyone is Aging Blog:

  1. Griswold Home Care


Griswold Home Care

Griswold Home Care’s mission is to celebrate, educate, and advocate for aging issues. They strive to provide a valuable resource for care providers who are seeking information and support on home care for elderly loved ones.

Three posts we like from Griswold Home Care:

  1. Health in Aging


Health in Aging

This is a very user-friendly blog featuring contributions from professionals in all fields related to aging and caregiving, most commonly physicians, but also professors and officers on relevant committees. Contributors are experienced, leading experts in their fields, offering research-driven insights on medications, prevention, and more. One particular section of interest is the “It’s Not Normal,” section where a doctor in Senior Services and/or Geriatric Medicine explains that just because something is often wrong in seniors doesn’t mean it’s normal.

Three posts we like from Health in Aging:

  1. Home Instead: To Us, It’s Personal Blog


Home Instead To us its Personal

Home Instead Senior Care is a provider of in-home care services, and the website includes an informative blog featuring first-person perspectives from caregivers who share their thoughts and feelings, giving the blog an intimate and supportive feel for readers. You’ll find helpful care tips, commentary on recent news, inspirational stories, and more at the Home Instead Senior Care Blog.

Three posts we like from Home Instead:

  1. HomeTouch


Home Touch

An “introductory care agency in London that provides home care, respite care, self-employed carers, private live in carers and home help,” HomeTouch offers resources for caregiving professionals working in home care and respite care, a searchable database for those seeking care for a loved one in London and surrounding areas, and well-written articles from professionals on topics pertaining to caregiving.

Three posts we like from HomeTouch:

  1. Homewatch Care Givers


Homewatch Care Givers

If you’re looking for an online destination for informative resources on dementia, legal and financing issues, health and well-being, aging, and even resources for professionals, Homewatch Care Givers offers it all. Homewatch Care Givers can also put you in contact with senior care advocates who can help you in addressing specific challenges.

Posts we like from Homewatch Care Givers:

  1. Inside Elder Care


Inside Elder Care

Inside Elder Care is a multiple award-winning blog, and for good reason: not only does the blog include practical articles relevant to caring for an aging loved one, but it also includes listings for a huge variety or resources by state, including Medicaid attorneys, VA pension planners, reverse mortgage brokers, and LTC insurance agents.

Three posts we like from Inside Elder Care:

  1. Interim Healthcare


Interim HealthCare

This blog is published by an agency, Interim Health Care, that specializes in home care for seniors. Experts in home care, hospice, and health care staffing services contribute to the blog, giving you the insights you need most from people in the know.

Three posts we like from Interim Healthcare:

  1. Mavencare



Mavencare is an agency that employs caregivers and provides services for older adults. The Mavencare blog arms you with knowledge to make the tough decisions you’ll be faced with throughout your caregiving journey, from caring for an ailing spouse to the benefits of pets for older adults, tips for reliving anxiety, and more.

Three posts we like from Mavencare:

  1. New LifeStyles: The Source for Senior Living


New LifeStyles

Facing the reality that a parent is aging, particularly if your parent is beginning to decline, is an emotionally-fraught experience for many adult children. New Lifestyles aims to help children of aging parents cope with these emotionally challenging times, offering insights from like-minded adults who share similar experiences.

Three posts we like from New Lifestyles:

  1. Our Parents


Our Parents

Our Parents offers unbiased senior care advice through its senior living advisors, but the blog is packed with a wealth of information for seniors and their families, as well. From tips on asking for help to family support, guidance on care options, and much more, Our Parents is sure to be a worthwhile read for anyone caring for an aging parent.

Three posts we like from Our Parents:

  1. Senior Advisor


Senior Advisor

This blog is updated very frequently with incredibly helpful articles that will keep you coming back even long after you think you have your parent’s care routine established. The tips and suggestions provided are realistic and practical, and often just what you need to hear. A variety of contributors share life experiences and solutions that have worked for them.

Three posts we like from Senior Advisor:

  1. The Intentional Caregiver


The Intentional Caregiver

Shelly Webb created The Intentional Caregiver in 2008 as a place to gather and collect resources that she needed while caring for her father. Since then, The Intentional Caregiver has grown to include a handful of contributors who offer first-hand experiences and insights to help fellow caregivers navigate their own caregiving journeys with ease.

Three posts we like from The Intentional Caregiver:

Senior Health Blogs

  1. Aging in Place Technology Watch


Aging In Place Technology Watch

Aging in Place Technology Watch is a go-to resource for learning about the latest technology advancements that can help older adults age in place safely and successfully. Blog creator Laurie Orlov is a tech industry veteran and elder care advocate who lends her expertise to aid readers in staying on top of the technology solutions that can make their lives easier.

Three posts we like from Aging in Place Technology Watch:

  1. Alzheimer’s Speaks


Alzheimers Speaks Blog

Lori La Bey, author, speaker, and advocate for Alzheimer’s voices, is the blogger behind Alzheimer’s Speaks. The blog features useful tips, tricks, and tools for those living with Alzheimer’s disease and those who care for them. Lori gives voice to the worries, concerns, and problems that are all too often taboo to talk about. While she acknowledges and addresses some of the most gut-wrenching concerns facing readers, she never shies away from difficult topics and always seeks to offer solutions to help ease these concerns.

Three posts we like from Alzheimer’s Speaks:

  1. As Our Parents Age


As Our Parents Age

Marti Weston started As Our Parents Age as a way to record her experiences loving and living with her aging parents. On the About page, she details her history as a teacher of all ages and her goal of sharing her firsthand experiences to offer support and compassion to others who are navigating similar circumstances.

Three posts we like from As Our Parents Age:

  1. Changing Aging


Changing Aging

For those of us who need a practical approach to topics related to aging, Changing Aging is a helpful resource. Dr. Bill Thomas, the founder of Changing Aging, facilitates the blog along with several contributors who – while they certainly don’t ignore the emotional aspects of aging – focus on explaining topics that are otherwise complex in a simple, straightforward manner. Reading the articles on this page will better equip you to understanding all aspects of aging, and this knowledge is an invaluable resource when you need to make life-changing decisions.

Three posts we like from Changing Aging:

  1. Michelle Seitzer


Michelle Seitzer

Blogger Michelle Seitzer worked in retirement communities and assisted living homes before becoming a full-time writer, and she leverages that background experience and knowledge to tackle topics such as aging in place, maintaining independence, and navigating home care services. She offers valuable advice related to making a home more accessible, a hurdle often faced by older adults who wish to live independently, as well as a variety of other topics today’s seniors and caregivers need to know.

Three posts we like from Michelle Seitzer:

  1. Minding our Elders


Minding Our Elders

Carol Bradley Bursack, founder of Minding Our Elders, is an author, speaker, and consultant and a recognized expert in caregiving and elder care. She has cared for a neighbor as well as six family members, giving her plenty of experience in caregiving to share with readers. Minding Our Elders is even used as a college text for gerontology and nursing home administration classes, which speaks to the value of the information Carol and other contributors offer here.

Three posts we like from Minding Our Elders:

  1. Senior Planet


Senior Planet

For for aging seniors who want to read about matters that interest them, Senior Planet is a must-read. Articles offer suggestions to improve and simplify your life so you can lead a happier, more vibrant lifestyle long into your golden years. Senior Planet takes an “Aging with Attitude” approach, making it a great read for those who refuse to take aging lying down.


Three posts we like from Senior Planet:

  1. SeniorNet Headquarters Blog


SeniorNet Headquarters Blog

SeniorNet Headquarters makes an effort to bring seniors into the virtual age by showing them just how much better their lives can be if they utilize the technology and resources available to them. The goal is to present relevant information about social media, and although the blog is written by younger contributors, perusing the articles is a bit like a patient grandchild showing you how to use your VCR.

Three posts we like from SeniorNet Headquarters Blog:

  1. The Caregivers’ Living Room


The Caregivers Living Room

This blog is a wonderful place to find articles you may be able to relate to on a few different levels. Blogger Donna Thomson, a boomer who cares for both her 94-year-old mother and her severely disabled son, pays special attention to offering support and emphasizes the need for caregivers to also take care of themselves. Because taking care of a loved one full-time can be overwhelming, self-care is a priority you shouldn’t overlook.

Three posts we like from The Caregivers’ Living Room:

  1. This Chair Rocks


This Chair Rocks

This Chair Rocks focuses on ageism with the goal of breaking the common stigmas associated with seniors. The blogger, Ashton Applewhite, also operates a Q&A blog called “Yo, Is This Ageist?” where readers can ask a question and she’ll offer her opinion on whether or not the situation reflects ageism. In addition to her blogs, she’s also authored a few books and speaks publicly to be the catalyst of change to eliminate ageism.

Three posts we like from This Chair Rocks:

  1. Transition Aging Parents


Transition Aging Parents

The transition that occurs when a formerly independent parent becomes more dependent on loved ones is a challenging time, and that’s the focus of Transition Aging Parents, which offers insights and advice for successfully navigating this delicate transition. From deciding whether to move an aging parent in with you to determining when it’s time for an older adult to stop driving, making the decision to move a parent into a long-term care setting, and other common challenges, Transition Aging Parents promises to make the transition easier for you and your aging parent.

Three posts we like from Transition Aging Parents:

Blogs by Seniors, for Seniors

  1. Aging Abundantly


Aging Abundantly

Blogger and author Dorothy Sander addresses topics that seniors and children of aging parents face in their daily lives. After spending the 80s polling the country on their views on religion, she is uniquely equipped to talk on these matters and writes about her experience caring for her aging mother from this perspective. She aims to offer support and create a place where others can also offer support to fellow women struggling as they face the journey of aging.

Three posts we like from Aging Abundantly:

  1. Aging and Parkinson’s and Me


Aging and Parkinsons and Me

Blogger John Schappi was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 80 in 2009. This blog has given him a voice and allowed him to find a community that discusses helpful information as he meets his challenges head on. Schappi’s articles are an inspirational read, as he’s led an active lifestyle for decades and refuses to allow his diagnosis to keep him down.

Three posts we like from Aging and Parkinson’s and Me:

  1. Elaine Ambrose


Elaine Ambrose

Elaine Ambrose is a blogger and speaker who discusses motherhood, travel, and the lifestyle of a senior woman with humor. Even her most lighthearted humor often stumbles upon some deeper meaning where you’ll find a sense of comradery and kinship. She’s published several bestselling books, in both children’s books and nonfiction genres, but her most popular book is her Midlife Cabernet: Life, Love & Laughter after Fifty.

Three posts we like from Elaine Ambrose:

  1. The Gypsy Nesters


The Gypsy Nesters

Once you’re retired and your children move on, most people feel like they have an empty nest. This couple, Dave and Veronica James, took a totally different approach and turned their empty nest into a “Gypsy Nest” and decided to travel in their retirement. Their idea of senior living is one of seeing the world, enjoying new foods, and celebrating their live after their kids have grown, and they offer tips and pointers to help you embrace the same active lifestyle long into your golden years.

Three posts we like from The Gypsy Nesters:

  1. Kathy’s Retirement Blog


Kathys Retirement Blog

This blog deals with what may be the most significant change in a person’s life: retirement. While the process of retirement is mostly a joyous one, one part often overlooked is the emotional impact involved with the transition from contributing to the workforce daily to suddenly having more free time than you ever imagined. On this blog, Kathy Merlino takes on how to cope, the whys, and tips for making the transition easier.

Three posts we like from Kathy’s Retirement Blog:

  1. MidLife Boulevard


Midlife Boulevard

Midlife Boulevard caters to an audience of women in midlife and members of the baby boomer generation. Contributors include are a handful of boomer women who have specific areas of expertise. The site covers travel, health and wellness, relationships, tech, fashion, food, and more, all written in a friendly tone as if a peer were giving you in-person advice.

Three posts we like from MidLife Boulevard:

  1. My Mom’s Blog


My Moms Blog

This is the blog of Millie Garfield, who will turn 93 years old this year and still maintains an active Twitter account and occasionally updates her blog. But if you want to peruse some older articles on her blog, you’ll discover quite a few amazing and heartfelt articles about aging, memories, and the daily life of a 90+ year old.

Three posts we like from My Mom’s Blog:

  1. Nana Hood



Blogger Teresa Bell Kindred who details her experience on the second half of the motherhood journey: Nanahood. She’s a former teacher and has published several books along her journey, and this blog is a pleasant read that can give you some ideas as a grandparent or simply entertain while you read her completely relatable posts.

Three posts we like from Nana Hood:

  1. Seniors Aloud

A community of seniors providing support for seniors, Seniors Aloud tackles topics from the lighthearted to the serious and sombering, spanning everything from life lessons from those with experience to social issues, health, and more.

Seniors Aloud-min

Three posts we like from Seniors Aloud:

  1. Sixty & Me


Sixty and Me

This blog features about a hundred contributors, mostly women, but a few men, too, and mostly older adults. Overall, Sixty & Me covers just about every type of lifestyle an active senior might want to live. There’s even a Games section that features free online games seniors may enjoy.

Three posts we like from Sixty & Me:

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